Mr.Shahidullah Khan.H. Kalyani has secured First position in TY BBA Special at Sardar Patel University in April-2010 exam and won the Gold Medal.
The College conducted Campus Interview on 3rd June 2010 for final years students of BBA Special & BCA in which 73 were attended and among them 65 were selected in 5 different companies.
On 3rd July 2010 students of FY, SY & TY BBA Special attended seminar on Effective Business Communication.
On 28th July 2010 College has celebrated word conservation day, with the logo of "Go Green". Students were in shades of green and came by cycle to give massage to check pollution. We have also celebrated events like poster and T-shirt paintings.
On 29th July 2010 M.Sc. Faculties organized a Study tour for M.Sc. students to Global Technology Association, Santokpura. The aim of the study tour was to exposure of students in field of Tissue Culture.
There was “Poster Making“ event organized for FY, SY, TY BCA Students on 14th August, 2010.
“Keyboard King” event organized for FY and SY BCA Student on 18th August, 2010.
  “Debugging” Competition Organized for SY and TY BCA student on 20th August, 2010.
“Gamming” Event organized for FY , SY and TY BCA student on 21st August, 2010.
On 21st August 2010 Guest lecture has been arranged for B.Sc. and M.Sc. Students on IPR (Intellectual property rights). The famous Lawyer Dr. Milind Antani had delivered a lecture on Patent Laws.
There was a seminar on “Emerging trends in IT and Career opportunities” arranged by HCL Company for TYBCA student on 8th October, 2010.
On 16th October, 2010, B.B.A. Special and B.C.A. streams have organized a Staff-Student-Parent Meeting of First year students, in regards to the first internal examination and performance of students. So many students and parents have participated in this get-together.